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Internet Grads

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Distance learning for healthcare students has come a long way, but some remain hesitant Rachel Ng The nursing industry has embraced the Internet as a viable education tool. According to Barbara R. Grumet, BA, JD, executive director of the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), online and distance education programs must meet the same [...]

Extra Help Needed: Registry nurses see increase in workload, demand

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by Rachel Ng In order to comply with California’s new nurse-to-patient ratios, many hospitals are using nurse registries to meet their staffing needs in the near term. That means increased activity for several local businesses. “Hospitals are calling more often for nurses,” says Sonny Park, administrator and president of Nurses Internet Staffing Services Inc., based [...]

Assistance to Indian Nurses to solve problem of Nursing Shortage

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Considering the present scenario of critical shortage of nurses in the USA, a need is felt to have any kind of help from all USA based groups towards our organization. After 11th September, USA needs a large number of foreign nurses to improve their health care system. As per acute critical shortage of nurses in [...]

Managing Depression in the Skilled Nursing Home

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Basic Principles Upcoming Changes Is it Depression? Skilled nursing home professionals should be aware of the symptoms of a common malady among residents-major depression. It is manifested as a depressed mood or loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, plus any five or more of the following symptoms, lasting for at least two weeks: Weight [...]

Elderly Care Center: Failure to Thrive in Older Adults

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by Eileen Early, RN, BSN Failure to thrive, a term historically used to portray children who don’t grow at the expected rate, is increasingly being used in the elderly care center to describe older adults who begin to decline for no clear reason. Most skilled nursing home workers have known at least one of them [...]

A World of Potential: Stem Cell Research at CHLA

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Since the late ’80s, physicians and nurses at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) have been working diligently to develop new diagnostic and treatment regimens through stem cell research. Rachel Ng The Gene, Immune and Stem Cell Therapy (GISCT) program at the CHLA Saban Research Institute focuses on hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) biology; development, function and [...]

Workplace Violence: Do safety plans really protect workers?

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In 25 years as an emergency department nurse, Suzanne DePalma has been verbally abused, threatened, assaulted, spat upon and had her fingers nearly dislocated. There were many times she felt unsafe walking to her car alone. Lisa Jennings “The only reason I haven’t gotten seriously hurt is that I’m lucky,” says DePalma, a registered nurse [...]

It’s Getting Better – Or is It?

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Last year, a Care Giver Mom subscriber sent a letter in which she expressed frustration with her career. She wrote: “Health care as an industry, along with the influx of technology, has made it nearly impossible for nurses to provide quality total patient care … The nurse is given assignments of six patients to give [...]

Diversion Program Helps Nurses in Need

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The reasons can be many, or sometimes few. But the fact is that alcohol and drug addictions are at epidemic levels in the United States, and nurses, physicians and allied health professionals are not immune. To support nurses with addiction issues, the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) offers the Diversion Program, a voluntary, confidential [...]

The Unraveling Net

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Providers labor to help a growing homeless population Sean O’Meara Despite ongoing reports about the nation’s listing economy, there seems to be an eerie quiet about a related and very important statistic-the number of Americans who are living on the street. California, which often serves as a bellwether for the rest of the nation, is [...]

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