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Cracking the Code

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Kim Blaikie, RN, describes her new career as a cancer genetics nurse I began a career as a cancer genetics nurse two years ago, after being in the nursing profession for 20 years. My natural interest in hereditary cancer syndromes (there appears to be a high incidence rate in my family), combined with my love [...]

Workplace Violence: Do safety plans really protect workers?

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In 25 years as an emergency department nurse, Suzanne DePalma has been verbally abused, threatened, assaulted, spat upon and had her fingers nearly dislocated. There were many times she felt unsafe walking to her car alone. Lisa Jennings “The only reason I haven’t gotten seriously hurt is that I’m lucky,” says DePalma, a registered nurse [...]

A Woman of Many Firsts

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The remarkable journey of Audrey Schaellibaum, RN Sean O’Meara It’s a moment of sublime awe. The first cries of life from a glistening newborn fill every corner of the birthing suite. As the exhausted, exhilarated mother and joyfully tearful father look on, the delivery team at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas quickly attends to post-partum procedures, [...]